1983 kinetic parts?

I just bought a 1983 kinetic for $50. It ran rough when I got it but now its only the cosmetics. I have scoured the internet for parts for the bike but I cant find anything!!! I need to find the entire headlight assembly along with the tail light and the rear turn signals. Can anyone help me find the parts? I would perfer them to be from a manufacturer. Also When I bought it the decompression cable was disconnected. I'm not sure where or how it is supposed to connect. This is going to be something I take to work so I need any bit of help. Thanks!!!

Re: 1983 kinetic parts?

welcome to MA, got any pictures? they help alot! or look here: http://www.mopedarmy.com/photos/brand/78/ does it look like the 73 or the rest?

It's probably a vespa clone, so search for vespa decompression way back in the repair forums, there's threads with pictures and diagrams. also check out the wiki.

Will probably be pretty hard to find oem parts for the older ones, and not easy for newer ones, and honestly they're not the best, so if you're missing the whole units, unless its just a piece that's broken you're looking to replace, best bet is to look at the many types of available generic CEV or the like lights they used on vespas and most other mopeds, including kinetics. Pick the one with the right voltage and features (speedo/indicator light/ignition key provisions) that you like best ans stick it on there and be happy with badass customness XD.



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