01 Avanti SuperSport transmission

PLEASE HELP! My SuperSport starts and runs great, but it won't shift into second and tops out at 15mph. Any suggestions or ideas on what might be causing it? It just started doing it today out of nowhere. Thanks in advance.

Re: 01 Avanti SuperSport transmission

Cosmo nPuch Stillstolen /

There's a few threads about these things. Try searching Garelli VIP, Avanti VIP and Cosmo VIP in the Performance and Repair forums.

The damn things are pretty touchy as far as the rubber parts and their condition and age issues are concerned.

The Garelli repair manual on Moped Riders Association is helpful for tear-down and reassembly.

If your trans fluid looks like Siberian yak sperm you probably gotta soak the rubber parts in mineral spirits or replace the rubbers with new pieces.

Cosmo clutch 001.JPG
Cosmo clutch 006.JPG

Re: 01 Avanti SuperSport transmission


Im having a problem with my clutch also. Ive been trying to find info on them but there doesnt seem to be much. If anyone has found anything please let me know also.

Re: 01 Avanti SuperSport transmission

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