Moby clutch drum.

Is it safe to say, as soon as the pads are gone, time for new drum on a stock AV7 clutch? is the same for the variator? Are they two in the same?, so to say? Are there any parts from a non variated clutch usefull in a variator set up? just wondering because i have a non variated motor that i am looking to make variated. I was wondering if any of the parts swap; if the used variator i buy needs a work over. Thanks.

Re: Moby clutch drum.

The variator and dimoby clutch have different covers and different nuts to secure the cover to the crankshaft. If you need to swap over from the dimoby to the variator you need to buy the whole assembly plus the barrel nut. The two truarc clips, shim washers and bearings are same for both assemblies, so basically you can swap one for the other on the motor.

After you swap it over you need to change the J hook on the counter spring because the dimoby uses a shorter hook and the variator needs more swing space. You can use a spacer under the dimoby hook to move it out a bit and get same results.

You also need to look at the gearing between the driven pulley and rear wheel. 11 teeth up front and 54 teeth back on the sprockets will give you a '30mph' configuration. (edited)

Re: Moby clutch drum.

i have noticed a few people looking for a variator nut. I think i got one in the parts grab bag i picked up, but it looks a bit "enjoyed" and i don't know if its stripped or not. I gotta check.

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