Puch 5-star bearings?

Hey, all. I need to find a replacement for my rear 5-star sealed bearings, and wanted to make sure these would fit before I went ahead and bought them. So, is this what I need? Thanks.

Also, what's the best way to convert my front 5-star from loose to sealed bearings?

Re: Puch 5-star bearings?

You should really measure and find bearings that way because it is really annoying to just go by what someone says will work and realize that will not work when they are in your hands. With calipers you can avoid this mistake.



Re: Puch 5-star bearings?

That's true. I think I can borrow some calipers from a friend. Thanks, dude.

I've seen both of those pages; The first is for snowflakes and the second doesn't mention 5-stars at all. I just found this, which should help me out. Thanks anyways.

Re: Puch 5-star bearings?

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