Which internal coil for pug 103

78 pug

Shes was running good, but had an air leak at the base gasket...So I took her out to grab lunch when I noticed it was no longer idling...so I resealed the top and bottom end thinking this may just got too big of a leak. I've now come to the idea that the stock electrical took a giant shit on me. So time to order some new parts and would like some ideas or suggestions.

70cc poloni kit w/ hi comp head

21mm del (w7,2nd from top..104 main)

Ngk 8hs gapped @ .4mm

Ninga g3

Ordering new points, Effe condenser and internal coil

Then going to reset points and timing

Which coil should I get?




Re: Which internal coil for pug 103

Jimbo Grand Daddy /

Either should be fine.

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