What is loose?

My a35 has been idling ok for the most part other than if i have WOT for a while and i come to a stop it will sometimes idle so low it stalls. And now the pedals started spinning backwards wilth the chain if i push the bike back. This causes it to attempt to kick start when its off by just rolling back. It also makes the bike stall at lighrs and such. Is there something i need to tigthen? Or is it more serious?

Re: What is loose?

I'm sure someone else will chime in, but for now this noob thinks it might be a clutch issue. Maybe it's not fully releasing at idle and makes it stall? Just a thought for ya.

Re: What is loose?

It does slip a little here and there. But would that explain the weird pedals?

Re: What is loose?

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Re: What is loose?

For an A3, pushing the bike backwards has always resulted in pedals going around as well, but never starting. Don't know bout 35s, just dont run with it backwards.

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