78 cuyler wiring digram

I have a 78 cuyler, I need to get the lights back wired up, anyone know? anyone have access to a wiring diagram?

Re: 78 cuyler wiring digram

WTF is a cuyler?

never heard of it and i've been around mopeds a while! I'm also pretty obsessed with sachs motors which it appears yours had.

Anyhow, mopeds like that were usually just some random branding - they'd make a frame and mount some existing motor from some other company. They'd usually use the same wiring too.

Since it's a sachs motor, i'd recommend checking out wiring diagrams for sachs bikes, it's likely to be very similar if not the same.

check out "project moped manual" for some sachs manuals and diagrams or check the moped wiki here.

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