bad crankshaft seals?

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Having an impossible time tuning my new build

A35 Tomos Targa

I was able to get the bike to idle with the choke on, and it revs to high rpms but as soon as I disable to choke the bike usually dies or has no low end power to even take off.

Ive removed the spark plug, and carb and was testing the suction at the intake while pedaling and it is very weak.

IS that a symptom of bad crankshaft seals? Or do I need to test it again by subtracting the reeds out of the equation?

Kinda stuck right now as to what to do.

Never had this issue before.

Help Please.

Re: bad crankshaft seals?

Crank seals are inexpensive and not hard to change. It might be worth putting fresh ones in just to get it out of the way.

Re: bad crankshaft seals?

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But if compression is good on top end, what would cause this issue?

Re: bad crankshaft seals?

with the plug out your motor can`t create any vacuum.

Re: bad crankshaft seals?

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I was thinking the same exact thing but i did some research and read otherwise.

regardless im still having the same issues that im having...

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