carb to intake ...?

I got a Dellorto carb and curvy intake in a deal when I bought an av7.

My home internet is sucking ass so I can't upload the pic. I can say this, the carb fits tightly OVER the intake. Is this right? Seems as if the fuel delivery will be disrupted over the edge of the intake. This just seems odd to me. It could just be coincidence they fit together like that. If in fact,that is how it goes, should I dremel the edge of the intake down to allow better fuel flow? All of my dirt bike carbs seat INSIDE the intake/boot. That is why I am asking. I'm not asking if the carb WILL work , just asking if this is how they are supposed to fit together. Thanks.

Re: carb to intake ...?

There are different types of carbs, some clamp to the outside, some press into the inside of the intake. some bolt on with a flange. On a motobecane the carburetor clamps onto the outside of the intake. The inner diameter of the carburetor clamp is larger than the bore of the carburetor so the air/fuel flow isn't disrupted.

Re: carb to intake ...?

If you have a SHA, a lot of people would use an intake like this:

Among other things, it solves some clearance issues.

Don't know which dellorto you have, make sure you get the correct shim for your carb.

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Ok. thank you. I guess I got lucky with a matching carb and intake then. The carb is a PHBN 12. That is what it says on the side. The guy I bought it from said it was a "racing carb". I'm not building a "racing motor" but is it safe to say with the right jet, it can be used on a stock av7? The jet in it now says 86. He gave me a bunch of jets as well. I'm just not sure yet if they are for this carb or the stock carb which I did not get. I saw in the wiki that I should use a jet in the 50's if I read it correctly,I think it said 51 or 52. Does this sound right? Thanks

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I assumed you had a SHA. If you have a phbn spigot type you can't just jam it onto the intake. You'll have to get creative. You could possibly find a rubber coupling to adapt the intake and carb together, although it won't be ideal. You'll probably need to support the carb or it'll just flop around. You'll probably also have problems with it sticking out too far and hitting the pedals. One option may be to sell or trade the phbn for a sha, and then drop $9 on a sha shorty intake.

Re: carb to intake ...?


So, what you are saying is, i need to scrap,hold on to or sell what i have now and go for what is listed in the link above. That's cool with me, as long as i know what direction to go. I checked all the jets he gave me and they are all for the stock Gurtner. I have a whole dish of shit for the stock carb. Are stock carbs hard to get ahold of ? I am not opposed to stock, or should i sell it all and go for aftermarket click choke carb and intake? I want reliablility not so much speed right now. If you want to see the parts i got in the deal and your on the Mabecanemobylette free forum, check it out and you will see what i got. I would sell some of it if anyone needs any of it and i don't. It's under "i got an av7 and 2boxes of parts today." My internet connection upload is sucking ass right now, or i would post it all here.

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You could keep the Gurtner, and see how it works for you after you clean it up.

But many do swap out for a Dellorto SHA 14.12 or SHA 15.15 on a stock AV7. The 15.15 is available with a cable choke, and I believe the 14.12 is only available with a lever choke.

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I don't have the gurtner just spare parts and jets. I'm gonna keep the BHPN and buy a SHA and intake to match. I want a click style choke anyway. thanks for the help guys.

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I'll give you a stock carb and airbox if you want it. I'd say its about 95% complete, I think its just missing the choke plunger, I'll have to check.

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That would be cool but where would I find a plunger ? of all the spare parts I have , that is not I have needles,jets,springs,top carb cover , slide and floats. I would need the shorty intake for the gurtner wouldn't I. I am always open to freebees and reasonable priced slightly enjoyed parts as well. thanks Grey!

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This is the carburetor that came on the bendy intake. As a plus it is the AR12 from a 30mph model, not the smaller one. Upon closer inspection I think the choke plunger might just be stuck in the carb. I'll see if I can free it.

Re: carb to intake ...?

Sorry, I re-read your post and see that you just have Gurtner carb "parts", not the entire carb.

Re: carb to intake ...?

I got a chance to look the carb over and all the parts seem to be there. You'll need to clean it, but that's no big deal. Anyway it comes with the filter, air box, and I'll even throw in a matching bendy intake that I started to polish. Pm me if you want it.

Re: carb to intake ...?

Grey L Wrote:


> I got a chance to look the carb over and all the

> parts seem to be there. You'll need to clean it,

> but that's no big deal. Anyway it comes with the

> filter, air box, and I'll even throw in a matching

> bendy intake that I started to polish. Pm me if

> you want it.

I PMd ya about the carb. Not sure if it went through though.. Thanks Grey!

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