Sachs 505/1d

Ok I got compression now and cleaned the carb and the Jett. It still won't start. My question is does the decompressor valve have to be fully closed to suck fuel to the engine and do you have to hold the start lever the entire time your riding it?

Re: Sachs 505/1d

Any helP would be appreciated, I just don't know why I'm not getting any fuel to the engine after thoroughly cleaning the carb.

Re: Sachs 505/1d

Disconnect the decompression valve. You peddle it till the engine is turning over pretty fast, then let off while it's still spinning and it starts. Give it a little gas when you let off and it should start.

Sounds more like technique than engine issues... You wouldn't have this problem if you just removed the decomp valve from the equation

Re: Sachs 505/1d

I've found the decomp valve to be entirely unnecessary on my 505/1a. Not even a full go around and it will start every time.

Re: Sachs 505/1d

♣Slew Foot♣ /

the pin has to be in the up position.

most replace it with a bolt, if the pin is still there you can thread it and put a spring and washer/acorn nut on it to hold it up.

Re: Sachs 505/1d

Well I heard from mike beez that you dont need to hold it.

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