polini abruptly shuts off

Christian Giron /

Just reinstalled the top end of this guy after finding some metal bits that I have no idea where they came from

either way, I tried getting most of the bits out of the bottom end with a decent flush.

It starts and has shitty idle, but that might be an air leak at the base gasket, but when it dies down.. most mopeds kinda like sputter dead and this one will do that every so often, but sometimes it'll just abruptly die.

WHY?! :(

Am I just a paranoid fuck that's really scared to lose my polini?

Re: polini abruptly shuts off

Overpriced Parts /

Take off the top end and look at the piston top and bottom, check cylinder the same you could have seized. Post pictures

Re: polini abruptly shuts off

if you found METAL BITS in your engine you need to ... you HAVE to... split the case and get them ALL out!!! Why would you risk destroying a $225 kit (and your crank/main gear/whatever else) because of a tiny piece of metal floating around inside your motor? that's ridiculous.

plus, do you even know what the piece of metal is FROM!???

Re: polini abruptly shuts off

Christian Giron /

^^ all very good points and ryan brings up a point that I just didn't want to hear for some reason

I just moved into this location, so when I find time/get situated I will take it all apart and make sure everything is cleaned out.

Re: polini abruptly shuts off

Salsa Salsa /

i bet. . . you have a bad bearing. i am guessing its the stator side. did you do a bottom end rebuild.

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