Garelli gas leak - Any suggestions

Hello all,

I am having a small leak on my 2001 Garrelli/Avanti Super Sport. Any suggestions? I've attached a picture to show where it seems the gas is coming from.

gas leak.jpg

Re: Garelli gas leak - Any suggestions

you might have a little pin hole right there. empty the tank and stick a flashlight under where you thing the hole is and look inside the tank, if you can see light, then you've got a hole.

slap some jb weld on the whole and keep rolling.

Re: Garelli gas leak - Any suggestions

Empty the tank and dry it, powder the area with blue chalk line chalk and then add some fuel and look for the dark spot of where the leak actually is and not where it is running to, if could even be running to that corner from the fuel tap not being tight enough.

If it is a leak then get some MEK based adhesive (like SealAll) and use that to patch the pinhole.

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