Vespa Grande Super Deluxe Project

Hello, I just picked this moped up as is non running and its the super deluxe. It does get compression, at least im pretty sure, because when I attempt to start it, it sputters and coughs for a second or two and dies. Theres bad gas and Im assuming the carb and spark plug should be replaced, but this is my first moped ever so I may need some help. Could you link me to a service manual or send some advice my way? thanks a lot!

p.s. - I am looking for a vespa grande center kickstand and both side panels, if you have them pm me and we can try work something out!

Re: Vespa Grande Super Deluxe Project

Hey everyone, just an update, I replaced the spark plug, emptied the gas and rear trans oil, refilled everything, opened up the idle screw all the way, and she started up with someone pushing from behind! Got her up to about 35mph according to the stock spedo, thinks looking good so far.

I received an offer for a kickstand, so now I am looking for grande side panels if anyone has some or knows where to get them!


Re: Vespa Grande Super Deluxe Project

you may need to clean and adjust you points.

you idle screw should be open only 1 1/2 turns from fully closed.

deluxes are only 30 mph so you must be a skinny dude.

read up on wiki and read up on vespa.

happy birthday btw

Re: Vespa Grande Super Deluxe Project

Thanks for the response, and the birthday wishes! Ok i will check up on the idle screw, and yes im only about 160. Ive heard a lot about the points, but i dont know what they are, where they are, or what they do - do you have any good links or should i google it?

Re: Vespa Grande Super Deluxe Project

use the wiki section here on ma. then look at vespa. also use the search forums function and type in vespa points. 1 hour of good detective work and you'll have some answers and soon be giving the next rider help.

chicago's gang is on facebook search them out too. hnr is their gang.

search in the buy/sell for your centerstand and side covers. or start a thread there and ask for what you need.

gl and ride safely, grande deluxe are awesome peds fyi.

Re: Vespa Grande Super Deluxe Project

Steve Diedrich /

Here is where you can find all of the manuals for your vespa.


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