78 puch maxi sidecovers and wire block

So I purchased a 1978 Puch Maxi and realized shortly after that it doesn't have either of the side covers. The wiring block is just hanging out on the side. I figured I needed to buy some covers, but I've seen a couple of them online that didn't have wires hanging everywhere and also didn't have the block.

My question is did they just eliminate it and run wires straight to everything? Or are they tucking it away somewhere?

Also, what is a good alternative to the tubing used to run the wires down the bike? Or where can I get some of that? Right now everything is all taped up and it's ugly.

Re: 78 puch maxi sidecovers and wire block

It's probably all tucked away somewhere. mine fits neatly in the top of the crank case next to the carb, there's a little dip and it all just folds back in there easily. you might just get some regular, black house flex and pull the existing wires out of it, and then drop your wires down inside, but if you're feeling adventurous, why not get some multicore and rewire the whole thing...?

Re: 78 puch maxi sidecovers and wire block

right hand rail has small holes in it to put screw in to hold block

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