Successful installation of aftermarket veglia speedo in Vespa bravo

For Vespa riders who want a functional speedo and who have an intact sending unit , inner and outer speedo cable let me briefly describe how to make the replica small vegia speedo found on eBay work. This item I got from " bulletwala" . The problem is that the Vespa speedo cable on a bravo is 11 mm and the stud on the replica is 10 mm. This stud is the same diameter as a tomos but the tomos cable will not work with the veglia sender. The veglia sender uses the metal casing on the outer speedo cable to secure the cable. So go to the lamp lighting section of the hardware store and get lamp hex nuts which are the exact fit for the replica stud. Use one or two and a locknut to mount the speedo to the bullet headlight case. I actually put some duct tape and folded over sandpaper on the ends of the clamp so that the speedo fits tight and didn't rotate. Then put a tiny bit of duct tape on the end of the replica stud and push the 11 mm nut onto the 10 mm stud. Then duct tape the collar to the lamp nuts and finish by including the outer speedo cable. It's a mciver that actually works.

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