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So I have replaced a bunch of parts on my ciao but after I took apart the flywheel to put a new condenser in now it has become hard to pedal after 3 turns of the pedals. Does this mean I put something back together wrong? Im new at this but have tried reading all the wiki's and just can't figure it out. I bought this ciao last year and have been slowly tinkering with it but have never even got to ride it more than a few blocks. Any help would be appreciated

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so it's tough when the motor is engaging? is it turning the motor over? you may have put the flywheel on wrong somehow such that it's grinding or hitting something internally and preventing it from turning over, or it could be something else wrong somewhere in the engine.

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The motor sounds like its about to turn over but never does. And ive taking the fly wheel back apart few times and nothing else seems to catch. Im not sure if i put the variator back together right. ( I think its the variator at least , the thing on the shaft that the flywheel is on outside the frame. ) But the engine started in a few months back and ran but would stop when it over heated so i replaced the condensor and now im having the pedelng problem

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first be sure you are sure that the piston and rings are seated correctly and smoothly inside the cylinder before you start cranking away at the pedals.

also check that your gaskets arent off center and folded/pinched into the case or head between the cylinder. check the decomp pin is seated correctly and not stuck open, make sure your front drive shaft clutch bell or variator (is this a 1sp pulley or variated bike?)... either way make sure the hardware that is mounted on the front drive shaft is on there right- meaning especially spacers and such are where they belong and that nothing is rubbing against the subframe or engine case.

also possibly starter clutch springs and main clutch arms that are inside the bell housing in the front clutch bell if this is a 1sp bike ?.... check inside your clutch bell and take a look at all the main and starter clutch arms and pads and springs....sometimes the spring/springs came loose and the arms swing out and grab way too soon which means that you cant really make any pedal rpm because they grab so quickly you cant get any real cycles going

then if all above is good, bolt them all up and hold in the decomp lever while pedaling? maybe you just have awesome compression and thats why it doesnt feel like it wants to turn over...pedal with decomp lever pressed and see if you are getting the piston/crank to at least turn through a few cycles. if so pedal with decomp lever in til you get some rpm and then let go of the decomp lever to fire?

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