Urban Express airfilter (stock or aftermarket)

My new-to-me NU50M came with no air filter, no tube, no box - nothing attached to the carb air inlet. If I am unable to locate the factory parts for cheap, where can I find a plain old cone or round foam filter to attach directly to the carb? I believe the carb air inlet diameter is 25mm. Ideally a filter with a 45° or 90° attachment bend would seem to work best.

Re: Urban Express airfilter (stock or aftermarket)

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

I have a stock box,

I wonder how many people here remember Mike Hailwood?

Re: Urban Express airfilter (stock or aftermarket)

Zeke Rigg /

buy sell fourm can get you one for cheep. or if you want performance a new one treatland.tv or 1977mopeds.com personally i would grab some panty hose , a rubber band and then make my own. o yeah jet accordingly

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