Motobecane 1980

Im brand new to mopeds and have fallen in love. Came into a sweet 1980 motobecane. It was running gat for first 2 weeks but now is leaking fuel.

I dont know how to take the carb off and also is there any alternate carbs i can put on? I cant find the parts online so thought maybe something else would fit ( new carb). Thanks

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Take a look here

The wiki has all sorts of great info on Motobecanes, like this and this.


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You could give the Gurtner a cleaning

Or throw on a Dellorto SHA 14:12 (53 jet), SHA14:14 (56 jet) or SHA15:15 (60 jet) and use a shorty intake

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Thanks i might do the dellorto 15.15 what is the dif between 58 and 60 jet?? Im not too mechanical. Some peope say one and others a different number is it critical. I tried to drain the gas from the air filter tap the carb and restart and now wont even start.. Bummer i hope it is the carb and not something else

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Jet numbers are the size of the hole in the jet to allow fuel to mix to the air, basically the bigger the number the more fuel gets mixed into the air.

On a SHA15:15 I have run between 58 and 62 on a stock AV7, depending on the engine and how it is set up.

Right now to get her going right, replace your fuel line with new line. Use clear line so you can see if there is fuel flow or not.

Clean the carb goodly and also check that the air is flowing smoothly out of the fueltap. Just open it and let a little flow into a jar to see if it is flowing goodly.

Dont panic when you see a air bubble in the fuel line as long as it is not the entire line is only air. You can flick the line with a finger first time you open the tap and the air should chase out of the line.

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Sweet getting into it now

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Ok got gurnter carb off cleaned very carefull with super small guitar wire. Cleaned it up put it back together it doesnt start. Sounds like it wants to go but maube no spark. Is this as simple as spark plug? Cant be that easy? Or since i was messing around does it need primed or time to dry out or something like that. The petcock work the jet is a 58 not sure what to do. It just wont stsrt

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If all that was wrong was leaking fuel and after servicing she will not start then it must be still carb issues. Did you put the carb back together correctly? Float in pointy side up (often this happens). Did you clean out the passageways as well as the little hole in the diffuser?

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Yep thanks im gonna switch to a dellorto 15.15. I finally got a friend that looked at it and said same thing u did. You are very helpful thanks so much

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Get the shorty intake with it and try to get a cable choke SHA15:15. Oring the union between the carb and intake if she does not come with one.

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