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I have a general 5 star V1. I had a problem where I had no spark. I took the flywheel off and bent it by accident. I have since found a new flywheel. Before I put it back in I would like to make sure that the ignition coil is good. Can anyone please tell me how to check it? Or lead me in a direction I can figure it out. I would hate to put this all back together and find out some thing is wrong in there. Thanks

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You got to post pictures for something like that

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ignition coil? do you mean HT (high tension), the one that is attached to the spark plug, or ignition armature coil (the one that is not the lights and inside of the flywheel)?

igniton arm or light arms can be checked by a 6v battery if you run current thru them they will do 1 of 2 things. magnetize or heat up.

magnetize is good, heat up is bad. if it heats up it will start at where the break is, so you could figure out where in the winding everything went wrong theoreticly.

if you own a moped a 6v lantern battery is a worthy investment but any 6v DC power source below 10w should be acceptable.

the ht can be tested by installing the neg from the battery to the bikes frame and striking the pos to the signal in of the ht (disconnect signal in first).

am including the puch timing pages, it describes the functioning and troubleshoots most problems in a universal type way. it may not be for a v1, but they all perform basicly the same. i would get the specific gaps and advance off of the V1 manual tho.

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