correct chain breaker tool?

So I've removed the master link and now I'm wondering if I have the right tool for the job. When I place the chain in the tool, it pushes the threaded part out so I can't start winding down to remove the rod. Would it work if I filed down the pin on the tool or the rod on the link? I attached a picture of the tool I currently have.


Re: correct chain breaker tool?

looks to me like you have a bicycle chain breaker and not a motorcycle one. Lezyne as far as i know only makes bicycle parts. moped chain (except the pedal side on some bikes with a separate pedal chain) is a different size. significantly so.

search google for how to break a bicycle chain if you're trying to use this on a pedal chain

i assume you mean the drive chain since it's got a masterlink. for that you'll need a motorcycle chain breaker like the motionpro one from 1977mopeds.

if you're careful not to push the pin all the way out, sometimes you can use a chainbreaker to add links as well.

alternatively you can file off the end of the pin on the chain and pound it through to shorten the chain. you can't put links onto a chain this way

Re: correct chain breaker tool?

Probably Fred /

Nail punch on pin, small socket under the link and a hammer Done

Re: correct chain breaker tool?

Look at industrial supply places for a proper chain breaker, ones for #25 to #60 chain will break both pedal and motor side moped chains as well as dirt bike, scooter, etc.

Re: correct chain breaker tool?

Buy yourself one of these I have one and it works great.

Looks to be on sale right now too!


Re: correct chain breaker tool?

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