Tomos A55 - couple of issues

2007 Tomos Sprint A55

Previously stock and recently installed a K&N air filter and upjetted from 55 to 58

Lately I've been having problems getting it started after it's been sitting for a couple of hours or overnight (garaged). Sometimes it takes a few hard kicks and sometimes I need to open the choke.

Today after less than a minute of riding I heard a pop and a stutter in power. It was quick and only happened once but everything seemed fine after.

I am sure returning to the stock air box & jetting will fix my problems, but if possible I would like to make this work as I am enjoying my increased top speed and hill climb speeds.

I also have a techno hunter exhaust waiting to go on once I can mod the pipe to fit.

Appreciate any help and advice.

Re: Tomos A55 - couple of issues

Try a plug chops and other jets. It sounds like you still haven't compensated enough for your high flow filter. You can also try playing with your idle adjustment. Read the wiki if you have questions. Search the forum. (I have a margin of respect for you because you have a Hunter and not a Biturbo - you're also modding something.)

Re: Tomos A55 - couple of issues

i know sorry for the noob questions. searching didn't seem to return any results so i posted as last resort. thanks for the response i'll give you suggestions a try.

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