puch maxi wont start

my puch maxi 2 horse za50 wont run ive cleaned the carbarator and it has spark I dont know what else to try. please help.

Re: puch maxi wont start

Michael Thomas /

Is it getting fuel?

Is it getting spark at the right time?

Put in a dry plug and kick it over 6-8 times. Pull out the plug and see if it is wet. If it is, the problem is not in the fuel delivery system.

There could be two things off the top of my head that are difficult to diagnose. First is if it is not getting gas, other than the normal, check the petcock, banjo fitting, jet, it could have a bad stator side seal. This pulls gas into the cylinder with vacuum. If there is a leaky seal, there is not gas getting pulled even though the fuel system is clean and functioning.

The second is you sheared the woodruff key. It will always be out of time and although it MAY start, it will not run hardly at all.

Try and be more secific about what you have tried.

Re: puch maxi wont start

Probably Fred /

Search freds guide in wiki

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