Maxi acceleration is terrible

Hey there, so I've been doing a little work on a 78 maxi luxe with terrible low end acceleration but a good top speed. It had an old tecno boss pipe that was on its last leg, so I got a tecno circuit pipe to replace it. When I checked the jet it was 70 s I tried 76, but it didn't help. I went down to 74 and I still don't think it's helping much. I can literally sit still at full throttle before the thing starts moving forward and if it's trying to start from 0 up a hill I have to pedal the thing like crazy until it hits 15 then it is ok on it's own. Also, the idle jet needs to be pretty far in for it not to die at idle, and it also seems to want to die unless I take the air box off. I have a 14 bing carb. What's going on with this thing?

Re: Maxi acceleration is terrible

Tptwo Tptwotwo /

Ha;ve; you cleaned your air/fuel filters?

Re: Maxi acceleration is terrible

Probably Fred /

74 jet too high

A tuned clutch with thick springs is needed

Re: Maxi acceleration is terrible

count teeth on front and rear drive gears and report back.

what's the know history on the motor, ever been rebuilt, tired seals, rings?

have you checked the clutches, fluid?

the main jet is a very small part of the whole package.

Re: Maxi acceleration is terrible

Ok, counted the sprockets. Front is 13 and rear is 39. The clutch fluid is at a fine level but kinda dirty so I'll change that. What do you think?

Re: Maxi acceleration is terrible

Probably Fred /

40t rear no such thing as a 39 t

Still lousy gearing. 15x40 is what you want

Re: Maxi acceleration is terrible

don't know much about mopeds yet, but i do know that if you're having trouble accelerating 15 tooth on the drive in the front will be worse than 13 teeth--you get less torque but higher top speed with that's not the problem if 15 is ideal.

Re: Maxi acceleration is terrible

14x40 is probably what it is. Im having the same problem with an e50. Gonna reset the point gap and check for air leaks, you should do the same.

Re: Maxi acceleration is terrible

14 bing, 70, 74, 76 jet.

what atomizer?

similar setup, i tried the 2.12a and a 62 jet

then the 2.20, needed a 68 jet

read what Mo Peds (mopagen) posted, and check the needle for grins

ever test compression?

last, maybe someone got messy with porting?

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