77 Pinto engine seems to only rev out now...

So I decided to clean the carb today since I just got the moped and hadn't yet. I followed the instructions very closely and was careful with reconstructing everything.

Once I had it all back together, it at first wouldn't start at all, but I found that the problem was I tightened the fuel line bolt a little too much.

After some tinkering, I fixed that problem and the moped would start again, but when it starts now, it just revs out as if I have the throttle open all the way. Did I put something back incorrectly with the carb and air filter? I'm new to all this, so I assume that could be the issue.

I'd really appreciate some help on this if anyone can.

Re: 77 Pinto engine seems to only rev out now...

Thanks in advance to any who can help me figure it out.

Re: 77 Pinto engine seems to only rev out now...

You have an air leak ( http://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/Air_leak ) or the throttle cable is kinked on something. Take off the air filter and look down the back of the carb (while the moped is off). Twist the throttle. If you see the slide go up and down -- it should completely clear the hole when up, and it should rest on the tip of the idle screw when down -- then the cable isn't kinked/too tight, and youv'e got an air leak. If the slide doesn't go all the way up and down, check that the ends of the cable housing are sitting properly in the adjusters.

Re: 77 Pinto engine seems to only rev out now...

I'll take a look at that today, thank you. Someone else I asked said it was most likely the throttle, which would make sense because I had issues with it when taking off the carb.

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