Batavus/Trac M56 Belt

I know this topic has been discussed, but I can't find a good answer, so here goes...

I have an '84 Trac Clipper. The drive belt wants to slide off when I'm running it. There is a small tear in the belt, and I'm hoping it's that tear that's making it move off. I have purchased a replacement belt (5mm tooth pitch, 78 HTD teeth, 390mm around) and am hoping that the proper belt will work. In the meantime, this belt looks like it's going to get shredded a bit each time I ride until it's gone.

Is there something I'm missing? Should I expect a new belt to stay on, or is there an adjustment somewhere?

Thanks for any information.

Re: Batavus/Trac M56 Belt

Ok, look in the pic below. The small toothed gear has a cap on it held on by two small screws. It's the rusted piece in the picture. That is what keeps the belt on and it also has a little nipple in the middle that is pressed by the arm to engage the clutch when starting the ped.

Re: Batavus/Trac M56 Belt


Thanks for the reply. I think I follow you. The pic below is what I have. Am I missing a part? I really appreciate the help.


Re: Batavus/Trac M56 Belt

It would appear that you are missing the little plate he is talking about! I'm sure you could make one pretty easily.


Re: Batavus/Trac M56 Belt

Here ya go, it's number 16 in the exploded view. It also looks like they have one in stock if you want to pay 20+ bucks for one. Or you could post in the buy/sell, there are parts floating around here.

Re: Batavus/Trac M56 Belt

I need a motor m56 help.

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