Stumped! Will not start anymore.

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Here is what I have:

'04 Targa

21 Dellorto

Bi Turbo

Weak Ends intake

Carbon Reeds

Picked up the bike a few wks ago and started right up with carb clean and new gas.

Let it sit for 2wks and now I cant get it to start to save my life.

I did take the stock intake off cause I needed it for another bike I sold.

So Im temporarily using my other parts for another build to just trial and error and repair this one.

Ive replaced the stator as well and it appears to have good spark and shocked the shit out of me but it wont start.

Has good compression.

Tried by passing all electrical cut off and still nothing.

Its stutters at first and then just dies completely out.

Even tried a little starter fluid and still nothing.


Re: Stumped! Will not start anymore.

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timing or electrical in nature maybe a blown taillight?

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