Oh dear god ...now what have I done

Ron Chappell /

Just put new connectors on both my brakelight switches - and now, when I hit the brakes it kills the engine. Is it possible to get these connectors on the wrong pole of the switch (it's a simple make/brake switch and didn't think it would matter which pole they went back on. After about the third braking shut-down my tail light bulb blew. It's an auto-zone six volt (which was all I can find) and I'm not sure if it's the required 5 watts or not as I have a hell of a time reading Chinese. In any case I need some advice on this V1 Motron. I am going to bypass this stock wiring abortion later but wanted to get it working in a stock configuration first - so I will know where I'm at.

Re: Oh dear god ...now what have I done

♣Slew Foot♣ /

you need a stock bulb and i think the brake sensors/tailight may be in series instead of parallel its all about ohms in the tailight circuit you can make a resistor out of like three and a half ft of single strand copper wire like the old phone wires.

wow thanks i actually figured out how to make my sachs maltese work without the 13 dollar aviation grade bulb although garrenteed 5 yr use life is a goodthing as mopeds vibrate more than a censna or whatever would.

i have a zip tied brass trivet that holds it on. if i run the ground through it, it may be enough resistance to let the socket except the higher wattages without killing the bike. IDRK

Re: Oh dear god ...now what have I done

My tail light didn't work when I picked up my ped. After many attempts I finally said screw it. Once in a while the brake light works but I've only noticed it go on once or twice and the tail light is completely dead. Went out and bought a bicycle tail light that stays solid and can be in the rain. Put it on my luggage rack and the back and I'm golden. In mass & ri (only 2 states I ride) mopeds don't need directionals but you do need to hand signal

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