Lambretta Generic Moped?

Charles Gammel /

Hi all, I just purchased a Sprinter moped, and I need some help...a lot of help... This moped it seems is a generic Lambretta Lambro Colt; it has been abused, taken apart, abused some more, and then most of the pieces were lost. So, some questions:

1) how do I determine the date of manufacture?

2) where can I find parts for this thing?


Re: Lambretta Generic Moped?

It was made in Taiwan, sometime around 1978 or 1979 most likely. The lambretta colt was a re-badged Sprinter. You're pretty much on your own for parts. You might be able to adapt parts, if you want to put some time into it.

Re: Lambretta Generic Moped?

Charles Gammel /

Here's a really dumb question for you...Were these things electric start? I'm not seeing a flywheel, and there certainly is no starter / battery, but it has a 'start' button on the left grip.

Thanks for your information!

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