Pedal shaft stuck

I'm trying to take the pedals off of a Puch and I can't get the bolt out of the pedal shaft to remove them. I've had this problem before and I wasn't able to solve it then either. I've tried pb blaster, etc. and nothing seems to help. It seems really stuck and I don't want to damage it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Re: Pedal shaft stuck

Kaj Niegmann /

Thread the bolt back on and hit it will a hammer, a copper tipped one if you have it. With the bolt threaded on flush it should protect the threads.

Re: Pedal shaft stuck

If you mean the cotter pin on the pedal arms, put the nut back on, loosen 1 turn and put a 6mm socket on top of the nut to protect the threads and give it a goodly whack with a hammer. That way you are only sending the hammer shock through a short length of the threaded part rather then the whole length which usually smashes the threaded part without shifting the fastener.

Re: Pedal shaft stuck

That worked perfectly. Thanks guys.

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