Disc Brake piston stuck

I accidentally pulled on the brake when the calipers were off the rotor. I had to take the pads off and squeeze the piston back with a C clamp. Now, when I reassembled it, the piston won't move.

Any ideas?

I disconnected the hose and put more fluid in the reservoir, and it squirted out when I squeezed the lever. So I know that at least it's pumping fluid thru the hose. When I connect the hose to the caliper, the lever doesn't build up any resistance. ???

Re: Disc Brake piston stuck

Lukas McWhorter /

The piston probably got all cock eyed in the bore. Best I can tell you is to remove the piston, LIGHTLY hone the caliper bore and put the piston back in using new seals.

Re: Disc Brake piston stuck

Zachary Michael /

Yep. Time to get out that ole honing tool you've been wanting to use.

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