Moped wont start.

My 2007 Yamaha c3 does not like to start all the time. Sometimes it starts up just fine. But sometimes it will not, even with the kick. I have noticed that the weather is hot when it will not start. Also sometimes when I am driving it it will quit when I stop at a stop sign. also the battery has full charge. Please help me! (edited)

Re: Moped wont start.

not a moped. thats a scooter. they're different.

try a scooter website

normally i'd stop right there, i do know a bit about those and i feel pretty certain that your problem is a crack or disconnect in the intake tract or airbox going into the carb. you can get to it under the seat if you're lucky.

i feel like i'm having to use and excess of corky gif's today

Re: Moped wont start.

thanks for the info

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