Garelli exhaust header dent

I opened up my Garelli exhaust and found that the bottom of the header is tacoed with a huge dent. The rest of it looks good so I'm wondering if that's something that came stock to restrict flow. Anyone seen this on their garelli?

Re: Garelli exhaust header dent

Just pulled apart the stock exhaust for my 77 ssxl, also had a pinch in the end of the header pipe. Its getting replaced by a weakends pipe so i let it go.

Thought about pulling the LTD's exhaust apart cutting off the pinch and welding the header and muff together. Haven't had a chance to read up on it

I found a thread about it, but no posts about after cutting, just asking about it.

Re: Garelli exhaust header dent

Thanks! I wonder how unbending the pinch would affect performance

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