Dumb 73 Vespa Ciao questions

Garrett Sterling /

I found a 73 Vespa Ciao(chrome fenders, front suspension, NO TURN SIGNALS)

Im not familiar with these. It looks like it has a horn switch on the right grip, and a black pointer switch ontop of the headlight assy.

Is the black pointer switch an on off for the light or a hi/low beam?

Where is the run/off switch? I have been reading about the decomp lever and all that but how do you shut these mopeds down after its running?

I know the key is just a fork lock from what I understand.

LASTLY(thanks for your patience), I have two wires coming through the frame toward the rear of the bike. Both come out of the main harness from headlamp assy. One I can see obviously hooks up to the tail light/brake light assy, the other is grey sheathed as well with what looks like a single white wire inside and has been cut and hanging out of the frame under the rear fender so I cant tell what it went to. What the heck is this one for as I cannot tell from wiring diagrams Ive looked at.

Thanks for your help!

Re: Dumb 73 Vespa Ciao questions

Black buttons the horn

Headlight switch on/off

There is no kill switch. De-comp can be used to kill the engine + chocking it or covering your air box(or all 3)

The 3 wires should be taillight, brake light and a ground.

Re: Dumb 73 Vespa Ciao questions

Garrett Sterling /

Thank you for your info Brad.

I tell ya what, Liquid Wrench sure does wonders, forks were rusted and would hardly turn, throttle twist grip was frozen, now it turns, but needs the return spring.

I can't wait till I can have a night to work on it some more.

Main things I need are a highway patrol VIN inspection so I can get a 3 year reg. Some tubes and tires, but what a fun project!

Re: Dumb 73 Vespa Ciao questions

<3 ciaos

I've got 2 of em.

Re: Dumb 73 Vespa Ciao questions

Mike Hojnowski /

On my ciao deluxe, the lever on the headlight turns it on and off. Removing the lever by pulling it up and out is the kill switch - it's like a key.

My ciao has a blue and gray wire for the tail light. They are for brake and running light, respectively. I had to ground to frame to hook up my tail light, as I only had the two wires. YMMV with a different model of ciao.


Re: Dumb 73 Vespa Ciao questions

Pull de-comp to kill.

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