1980 Sparta buddy

Hey guys I have a 1980 Sparta Buddy. The thing sat for years and the carburetor was full of garbage. I cleaned the carb the best I could and then tried to start the thing. It started but died when I gave it any gas and it had a very high idle even though i unscrewed the idling screw a bit. After i turned it off and tried to start it again, the carburetor started leaking gas like crazy and I think was flooding the engine. My brother said the float could be saturated after sitting for so long or is could be the needle. When we first took the carb apart it was full of water and other nasty stuff. I was wondering if any of you had any idea what it would be and any more information about this moped. It has a sachs 504 engine on it and I really would like to get this thing on the road. Thanks

Re: 1980 Sparta buddy


the high idle and bog when giving it gas indicates airleaks. search the wiki to learn about airleaks and take a read through "fred's guide"

next those square bings are super finicky about float position. you're going to have a bitch of a time getting it right - i'd recommend spacing it up and using a round bing or SHA type carb. (see "sachs performance" in the wiki) that also applies to your engine.

if you want to get it going with the existing carb make sure it's not saturating, take it and see if it floats. clean the needle that it attaches to (the part that plugs the fuel into the bowl) as it may be sticking or gummed up. you can take the carb and hold it in your hand with the bowl removed from the bottom and the gas still connected. now with the petcock set to "on" you should be able to push the float up by hand and stop gas from pouring out, when you let it go it should flow neatly. it should be obvious if there's a problem there

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