Bravo cylinder suggestions

Hello All,

Just joined and my first post.

I just picked up a 1978 Bravo for a good price and am starting to go through it.

Ended up tearing the engine down and it looks to be in pretty good shape but since it is apart I was looking for cylinder / piston suggestions.

Don't need to hop it up just get it running good.

Do you have any suggestions for a cylinder / piston combo that I can install that will not require a new head or case mods and won't break the bank?

Sources for your suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Bravo cylinder suggestions

Best bang for the buck would be a pipe and upjet.

If your set on kitting while its apart than look into the olympia kit. I believe it bolts up with out even port matching.. I've heard good things about Dr kits also, as far as having little prep work.. I'm on my 2nd polini kit. I'm happy with it, but there was a fair amount of prep work.

If you get a kit, you "should" get a new crank aswell(I didn't). Or at least have a needle bearing pressed in the stock crank to do away with the brass bushing.

You will need a temp gauge aswell!

Chamfer your port windows, make actual gaskets(using the stencils that come with the kit), check your ring gap ect...

and dont forget, research!!

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