motobecane clutch problems

hi everyone! I have lost all my shims and circlips for my 1978 motobecane. So i decided to pull off my old dimoby clutch off my 1979 motobecane, and i will attempt to put it on my 1979 moby. Before i mess anything up, will this work? And if anyone knows where i can buy these shims, i would be very grateful if you posted a link.

I am trying to put motobdimoby on motobvariator


Re: motobecane clutch problems

Cesar Lizarraga /

The Moped Junkyard had the stuff I needed for a motobecane variator you might wanna try there.

Re: motobecane clutch problems

The truarcs and shim washers are same for both dimoby and variator

Re: motobecane clutch problems

got it, thanks guys! you were right rebel moby they were the same, my mistake. I had it running earlier today. I rode it around for awhile today and then the moped stopped, but the engine could rev really high without it moving, so i killed the engine. Now when i try to start it the engine wont turn over at all! Nothing is catching in the clutch! why could this be?

Re: motobecane clutch problems

Open up the clutch, remove the springs on the starter arms and make sure the arms are free to move, really free like flopping around on their axis free. If they are not so easy to move then use your favourite penetrating oil and work them until they are loose, careful not to get oil onto the friction sufaces. After chase out all of the oil with brake cleaner so the arms will be loose without the aid of the oil. If you dont get the oil out it will migrate onto the friction surfaces and give you a sketchy clutch.

Also maybe one arm might have thrown a shoe which got wedged on the previous run and now will not grip.

Re: motobecane clutch problems

Thanks again rebel moby! i opened up the clutch and the arms were hard to move, i will get to loosening them up later today.

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