General 5 star flywheel HELP

I am in real need of a flywheel for a general 5-star. I have been on treatland and 1977 mopeds. Neither of these sites have them in. Does anyone know of a place I can find a flywheel for this thing? I posted on the buy sell section on here with no luck. I want to get this thing running, but I cant without a flywheel. The one that I have is bent. Any suggestions?

Re: General 5 star flywheel HELP

♣Slew Foot♣ /

where is it bent? can you hammer it out?

its most likely a bosch, i think most are.

there should be a series of numbers NNNN NNN NNN that is the bosch part # with it you can find the SKU# that will help find one compatable.

the two they used on the sachs were:

bosch 0212 112 019 & 0212 122 006

the General part # is 0286-175-005.

as a note, it states in the crossover you can use the stator with a Puchs flywheel.

the V1 is a CEV 6932 Flywheel

Re: General 5 star flywheel HELP

I tried to hammer it out, but no luck. I may try that again. Where can I purchase just a flywheel? Thanks for the info

Re: General 5 star flywheel HELP

Darrell Gabbard /

sometimes a small hydrolic press will do the trick as for buying a CEV 6932

you might have to try ebay world wide search or look a a motorcycle recycle place, sometimes they have what you need.

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