stock puch tail/ brake lighting issue

hey yall, i am not the greatest at trouble shooting wiring.

I have a stock stator on an e50, and the tail and brake are not working

I'm running modified wiring, to eliminate horn and speedo bulb while keeping head/ kill switch/ brake and tail lights

I know it is not the wires from the lights, or the housing, because when i bypass the standard wiring and rig it thru the headlight both lights work (tho brake is continuous obviously)

the wiring diagram is sorta small for the stator, and looking at the service manual there are four coils.

two fat coils, and two thin coils.

I would assume one of the larger ones is for ignition, and one is for the headlight? then the two smaller ones are for brake and tail, on separate coils?

so if i get replacement coils (if available) for those two, which appear to be a 10w (11 in pic) and 5w (12)

from stator, grey wire is tail, and looks like green is brake, but i cant tell from the wiring diagram if the tail is on a separate coil than the headlight...I'm thinking that would solve my problem...maybe the 30 year old stock lighting coils are just shot.

IF stock coils are not available, what coil(s) can i get to replace, if i want to run both a headlight and tail light?

I'll probably play around with the wiring some more to try and figure it out, but i would like to get parts ordered in the meantime, just in case...



stock 6 v coils.jpg

Re: stock puch tail/ brake lighting issue

the brakes run on a separate coil because the power out of the coil is continuous and runs to the brakelight and also to the switches where it is dumped to frame ground. when you pull the lever it breaks the ground and lights the taillight.

at any rate, what i'd do is get the bike running and idling, take a voltage tester like this (cheap like under 5 bucks at auto or hardware store)

and test the wires directly out of the stator (and disconnected from everything else.

plug em back in and test again until you identify at which point power is lost.

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