MopedJunkyard Carb, Upjetting Problem

Jeffrey Badstubner /

I bought a bing carb off to replace my previous leaky one. When i went to go upjet to compensate for my high air flow filter and i discovered the atomizer and the jet piece are one. I nearly stripped the jet in the process. It looks like the only option is to buy a new atomizer but treatland is the only place im finding it. it seems to be the same one i have according to the comment below. Where can i buy an atomizer that allows me to change out the jets?


Re: MopedJunkyard Carb, Upjetting Problem

Overpriced Parts /

12mm bing 1.5-2hp take a #222 atomizer

14mm bing 1.5-2hp take a#222 atomizer

15mm bing take a #217 atomizer

17mm bing from a magnum x takes a #215 atomizer

The atomizers treats have now are aftermarket and arn't quite the same jetting

So buy the correct one from bing directly

Re: MopedJunkyard Carb, Upjetting Problem


The atomizer and the jet are not one piece put a 6mm or 7mm wrench on the hex part of the atomizer and then use a flat screw driver to separate the jet.

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