modified tomos targa(runs for a few then dies)

I've got a 95 a35 with a cdi box. I've put a 70cc alukit on(45mm), makuni vm22 round slide carb, carbon reed block,high compression head, weekends intake.

The bike will start about every 15 kicks after it sits for a few minutes. THen you can keep it running at a quarter throttle for about 10 seconds, but as soon as you give it any more throttle it dies. I'm thinking its the settings on the carb(its a big carb for the bike), but I'm not sure if its really the jetting and if it is I have no idea what to jet it to and if I should just change the main jet. Any help would be appriciated

Re: modified tomos targa(runs for a few then dies)


That carbs not too big.

Timing first.

Jet it rich, idle and main. You'll need a whole mess of jets to dial it in.

Check for air leaks.

Your problem is most likely timing or air leaks.

After you set the timing and get it to idle you can inspect for air leaks.

Then get the carb jetted proper.

Re: modified tomos targa(runs for a few then dies)

Overpriced Parts /

Piston upside down?

Ya carbs arn't self jetting

You need to search wiki for jetting

Or google mikuni carb jetting

Re: modified tomos targa(runs for a few then dies)

I did have the piston in upside down!!! Really I ordered a bunch of smaller jets main and idle. I went out to the garage raised the clip on the needle to the top and turned the idle jet out a couple of turns and now it's starting every other kick but will still die when you give it throttle. Should have the jsets in a couple days and I believe we will get it tuned in, then gotta adjust the timing a bit also. Looked it up and the vm22 comes with a 100 main jet so I figure going down two sizes might do the trick.

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