Tomos Targa 1998 LX. questions

ITs a 1998 Targa LX that we bought this morning from craigslist...


I think I have an A55, based on the head and the fact that its a piston port.

It the bottom end the same as the A35 units? When ordering clutch parts does it matter whether it says a35 or a55? Most parts Ive seen say both, like "shoe set for a55/a35" but some only say A35.....

2. How reliable is the oil injection system? The banjo bolt was loose on the intake on this one. I am in the habit of ripping them out and running premix with my old Japanese 2stroke motorcycles, but how do these units fare?

Previous owner said it was running fine but then the clutch broke. He had pulled the cover and one of the shoes was beat up and bald. IM betting the rest of them are toasted as well.

Thanks for any ideas! (edited)

Re: Tomos Targa 1998 LX. questions

John Joedicke /

A35/55 are the same clutch parts. Take the injector off and run premix. There is a "how to" in the Wiki on relining the shoes.

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Overpriced Parts /

A 1998 came with a a35 engine stock

It could have a piston port cylinder kit thrown on it or

a newer engine a55 engine but a55 engines came out in the late 2000s

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Pictures of said a55 on a 1998 lx..

Re: Tomos Targa 1998 LX. questions

Some pics:

Oh yeah I checked the sticker and its a 1999, not a 98 as I was told


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THanks. I saw the Wiki about relining the shoes. Does it really work?

The first speed clutch is a gonner, the metallic parts of the shoes are beat to hell...mangled. THe second gear units are nice except that the cork is all gone. So the 2nd speed ones could be relined I suppose but we're gonna go with new shoes for the 1st speed.

I would think JB weld would work better than super glue......I dont know I cant believe thats all the clutches are. Cheesy. Then again, I have some Barnett plates in one of my old Kawasakis that are made of cork basically.

Leather baby, leather I tell ya! Sand paper. LOL!!! I will probably try the cork gasket stuff.

Re: Tomos Targa 1998 LX. questions

I was thinking of pulling the head just to measure the bore......

Looks like a stock a55 though not a kit.....

All in all Im jealous. MY son bought it with his money, I will do the work on it, but it seems nicer than my old Minarelli. Now I gotta hop up my V1 to keep up!

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