Fa50 carb overflow

I am Working on an fa50 and the carb started overflowing after a cleaning. The fuel petcock is vacuum operated, and shouldn't flow in the 'on' position, but it does. The weird thing is that before I took the carb off to clean it, the petcock functioned properly, fuel DID NOT flow in the ON position. Is it possible that I upset the vacuum system when disconnecting the carb?? The vacuum line is reconnected in the proper place. Puzzled.

Re: Fa50 carb overflow

It sounds like your float is sticking or the needle is not seating.

Re: Fa50 carb overflow

That is true, but fuel flows freely in the ON position, which causes overflow no matter what right?? It should only flow in the PRI position without vacuum pull from the engine.

Re: Fa50 carb overflow

You were right. Float needle adjusted and leak stopped.

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