I bought the wrong header?

I received my header today and I realized that it is for the Athena kit and it is for the flanged exhaust. I am over at a friends right now and I do know that there isn't much that holds the header up. Will this still work for my stock 504/C? http://www.treatland.tv/chrome-header-p/athena-exhaust-header-sachs.htm

Or, should I go ahead and order a different one? I am just trying to upgrade my header for an exhaust chamber I bought.

Re: I bought the wrong header?


I'm not familiar with Sachs but I don't see anywhere that that says it is specific for an Athena cylinder. If the diameter is the same it'll work. Try fitting it on there.

Re: I bought the wrong header?


the athena's and some of the later european stock pipes ran a bolt-on type exhaust header rather than the clamp on that just about every stock cylinder has. there are adapters to fit a clamp style exhaust onto the bolt style jugs, but not the other way around.

what you might be able to get away with is if your new header fits over the old exhaust flange, you could slot the sides with a dremel or saw and attach the old clamp around over it. be careful of airleaks but that ought to work if the diameters are similar. I also have had a lot of luck by drilling little holes in the outermost fins on the jug, then putting springs in there to spring mount an exhaust onto the flange.

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