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Okay i got my moped running very well for the first time at about four yesterday. Then when I discovered that when i turn it off it makes a weird clicking noise. I discovered that the magnets on the flywheel are sticking to the coils on the stator plate making the clicking noise and creating resistance to the motor turning. I am happy about this because I didn't blow up my motor like i thought i did. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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Jeff Woodin /

Something must be out of alignment, they shouldn't be so close that they are touching. Assuming you have the flywheel mounted normally on the shaft and aligned with the woodruff key (the bike shouldn't be running well at all if it isn't), I would imagine the stator plate is somehow askew. Are you using all three screws to hold it down, and are they tightened evenly, so that the plate is as flat down as possible?

Seems silly, but it is possible that the one or more of the magnets is no longer properly situated on the flywheel and is somehow protruding further out then it should be?

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Actually, the coils were hitting the flywheel last time but, I fixed that by pushing them further inwards. But now, the flywheel magnets are extending FROM the flywheel to the coil. It's kinda weird but it's what is actually happening

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like the magnets are loose in the flywheel? sounds crazy. if that's really the case, DUH! get a new flywheel! i bet you coils are just out of whack tho.

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Do you think I have a chance JB Welding them on? And if not, how long wil it be before the magnets damage something?

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No, if you JB Weld them they won't sit flat like they used too. In the event one comes off you'll be needing to buy a whole new stator and flywheel.

Do it righ and buy a new flywheel now.

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I had the same problem and I was about to make a new thread.

Hopefully someone here made this work with jb weld or some super glue.

No magneto available on treats, only the e50 one, and I dont need a new stator plate.

picture below


Re: Puch Flywheel Magnets

Overpriced Parts /

Post for a za50 flywheel on buy/sell

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I JB welded mine back on and it is perfect. I would NOT recommend super glue as it can probably heat up and melt. But as I said before, I JB welded mine and I have ridden it for one or two tanks of gas without a problem. And it doesn't send it off balance like I thought it would. Also I'm using mine as a temporary repair until I have the money to replace it.

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I tried running mine without the missing magnet, it does work great but does vibrate a very high speed.. after 15min of riding it started dying slowly, and wont run for more than 30sec now... what a dumb idea I had.

anyways i'm definetely gonna Jb welb it, as a temporary fix, thanks for the input.

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