1979 Honda Express II

I found this in a machine shed in Iowa a while back. I first checked out the spark, which it had. I then went to the carb and unstuck the throttle and choke, dismantled and cleaned all the jets. It started and ran but the carb overflowed, so put in a new needle valve and solved that problem. I have since been unable to get it to run. At first it would run for a few seconds with full choke. I then took the carb apart again and checked the idle tube and since, can't get it to fire at all. It seem ;like the more I do, the less it responds. I would appreciate any and all suggestions any of you may have. Thanks.

Re: 1979 Honda Express II

Andrew Kotcher /

have you gotten it to run yet?

do you have spark or is that gone? if spark is good check to make sure the float is set to the right level the higher the float the richer it will run and vice versa , check compression if good then look at the jets again and make sure they did not clog up also do you have oil in ther tank? i know stupid question but .... the needle is adjustable on some models did you put uit back in the original spot?

Re: 1979 Honda Express II

You have weak spark and/or air leaks too. Check compression like andrew said. If you clean your carb and your tank is still full of rust it will get dirty in no time. If you clean the tank, spray cleaner thru the petcock too

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