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I'm getting ready to paint my ped. I searched on the forum and found some great information. I decided to do a little more homework though. The general consensus is that if you're going down to bare metal, then you need to use a metal prep first. This usually comes in the form of phosphoric acid. Duplicolor sells a prep spray for this specific purpose. After the acid wipe down, you will need to use an acid etching epoxy primer. from there you need to sand to a rough surface (mainly over any places where you will use filler) apply your filler, and then apply a sandable/filler primer. color. clear coat.

this pdf lists duplicolor's suggested methods for painting. I find it quite usefull and thorough, listing dry times and sanding grits/methods.

Duplicolor Paint Application Tips PDF

Re: Proper painting per Duplicolor

Ron Chappell /

Duplicolor's new spray heads and paint quality has really improved over the last few years. Keep in mind that their standard line (with all the color choices) is an acrylic lacquer and gasoline can cause problems with it if used on a tank. I get around this by doing their enamel clear coat over the lacquer clear coat for a final finish on the tank (be sure and test this first as it does work differently depending on temp and humidity. They do have an good enamel that stands up to gas, but not near as many color choices and it does take longer to cure making for a time consuming job.

As any paint job - it's all in the prep - do it right!


Re: Proper painting per Duplicolor

Ron Chappell / thing I have found is that most mopeds have a rough enough finish when taken down to metal, that they really don't need the acid. While this may be necessary on aluminum and smooth finish steel one can usually get by with the etching primer on the average ped. Also high heat (around 150 degrees for five or six hours can really help eventual durability) use heat lamps or throw a black plastic tarp over a framework and leave it in the sun on a hot day.

Re: Proper painting per Duplicolor


Thanks for the info. Your moped looks great! Excellent workmanship.

Good to know I shouldn't be needing the acid. I actually intend on using Duplicolor's engine enamel as I would prefer a more durable paint.

Thanks again.

Re: Proper painting per Duplicolor

A good tip is to use a scrap piece of metal to paint along with the ped. I once tried to use a fast drying acrylic clear coat on a 3 day old paint job, sprayed the scrap piece and the thing crackled bad totally would have ruined the frame paint. Use the slow dry enamel clear either within an hour or after a week. The duplicolor takes a good week to cure.

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