wiggly front fork

my 78 puch maxi front fork has a lot of give. when i break i really notice it. the whole thing just shifts like its sitting loose in part where it connects to the frame. everything seems screwed on tight. i did notice the cups that hold the bearings look cracked. is it as simple as a new set of bearings or do i need a new fork?

Re: wiggly front fork

Purchase a new set up maxi cups, then clean and repack your bearings, set the preload on the first fork nut, then put the top triple tree plate on and crank down (snugly, but don't strip it) on the top nut.

Re: wiggly front fork

Brad William /

You sure the two hex bolts at the tops of the forks, the ones that secure them to the upper triple clamp, are nice and tight? If their they're even a little loose the forks will do what you're describing. They work themselves loose very easily.

These are disappointingly (frighteningly?) flimsy forks and triple clamps even for a 50cc moped. Hell, most (even cheap) mountain bike suspension forks are more robust. I can't believe how many of these Puchs get kitted to 50+mph on these little tubes and springs. Yikes. ANY loose moorings will allow them to flail around on the road. (edited)

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