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Michael Bojanowski /

Hey everyone, I have a 1978 Pinto moped, it has new points, cleaned out the carb. new spark plug, plug cap, coil, spark plug wire, it starts good and idle's good for a while then the idle goes up then down the rear tire starts to spin then it stops then the idle will get real slow then stall, sometimes I get gas leaking from the port that the air cleaner attaches to. The throttle cable seems loose, I have it adjusted all the way and still it seems loose. Maybe I got the wrong cable, does anyone know which one I need for this moped. Thanks!

Re: eratic idle

Probably Fred /

Clutch cable too tight maybe

And ya you got to install/cut down the cable correctly,

Check for air leaks

We can't do it from here in syber space

Search wiki Fred's guide

Re: eratic idle

I'll be the first to admit that I'm no expert on Pintos or Puch engines (which you have), but the symptoms you're describing sound exactly like what happens when you have a sticking float in the carb.

Most of our carbs are not designed with a decent idle system as a trade-off for better high performance and generally run rich at idle. When the float sticks in the "off" position, the fuel level drops and leans out the mixture, so the idle speed increases. Then the float drops, allowing the bowl to fill, and the speed drops back down. If the float sticks in the "on" position, the bowl overfills, fuel leaks out, and the excessively rich mixture kills the engine.

Sounds good in theory, at least. Check out your float.

Re: eratic idle

could be janky points.

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