Sachs Clutch guru's ?

So my 70cc freshly kitted 505 1-a is giving me nothing but head aches in the clutch area.

Low down, bought and installed ob1 stiffer doughnut spring. Also have swapped stock fiber disk's for metal kevlar clutch pads. The clearence in the stack is very close to stock, still within the preload limits.

Problem. Installed the clutch following the numbered diagrams in the wiki. When the nut is hand tight everything operated as normal. Clutch bell spins freely when the pedals turn, But as soon as i get any sort of torque on the nut, the clutch locks up. Stops spinning freely with the pedal shaft. and wants to turn the engine over without the clutch lever even hooked up. Tried with and without shims, stock and kevlar disks, confussed...

Re: Sachs Clutch guru's ?

so its pinching together. you should have .4mm - .6mm of play between the shim washers and the clutch plate when tight. you don't have that. take some shims out and see if that helps. might also be the spring washers arent thick enough to push the pads apart at stop. also also it'll need some juice in there (atf) but shouldnt lock up tight like you describe because running that'll never idle.

reread the setting preload and adjust spacing

Re: Sachs Clutch guru's ?

Yeah I've read everything I could find on the Sachs and clutches for the last couple of weeks multiple times, thinking I'll try and soak the disk's in some ATF before reassembly and leave out the only shim i have, bike only had one when purchased but it ran fine stock.

Re: Sachs Clutch guru's ?

my stock clutch is fine on my kitted 505 d i de glazed the pads and spacers set load per wiki and rip ... well im still having timing issues but the conan is another story also thers that,2841027

it has good info but yes like swoop said them springs they may be the weak link

also if you do make a super clutch you should post the how to's of it please


Re: Sachs Clutch guru's ?

Boom figured it out. The doughnut weight was fckd. Sourced a new one and some clutch parts.

Set up:

Stock doughnut spring/weights

2 Kevlar clutch disks (from nick tank commander)

3 (thick) clutch plates since the disks are thinner than stock

Stock 2 shims (may put another thin one on)

Bel ray motorcycle gear oil!

All torqued down with custom flywheel holder.

No slip, blasts 40+

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