reattach pedals

Crysta Benelli(portland) /

Benelli G2 1978

Hi there, first time owner, just bought a fixer upper, the pedals have been removed, so it looks like the last owner would just push start it, but i would like to reattach them.

as is there is what i think is the pedal spindle w gear, and the arms that attach to the pedals, so as far as i know pedals themselves need to be replaced and i need a chain.

Question's-is the pedal chain a bicycle chain?, how do you size? are the pedals bicycle pedals? does it sound like there is anything else missing? could i just carry the pedal/crank into a bike shop and they would know what to give me?

thank you much.

Re: reattach pedals

neat bike.

some bikes run the pedals through the engine and share the same drive chain, i dont think yours does.

typically there is a chainring sprocket up front with the pedal crank arms, and a freewheel sprocket on the rear wheel.

it's a bicycle chain but you need to get a single speed chain specifically because it's slightly wider than other typical bike chains.

the pedals are bicycle pedals but you need the 9/16 thread (which is more common and found on cottered and 3-piece bicycle cranks) as opposed to the smaller 1/2 in. thread pedals for cheapo kids bikes and one piece cranks.

Re: reattach pedals

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Hey fellow Portlander, where are you located? I'm in NoPo. I could look at it for you, to see what you need.

Re: reattach pedals

Crysta Benelli(portland) /

thank you, sounds good, the rear wheel sprocket is still in tact but empty and there 's a drive chain in place, so it is the dbl chain system, time to go shopping.i dont have the internet, but next time i'll try to post a picture, probably easier when looking for advice.thanks again.-christa

Re: reattach pedals

Crysta Benelli(portland) /

hey thats an awesome offer, besides the whole pedal mechanism being removed it has yet to start, cleaned out the carburetor ect, it was looking like an electrical problem so i just dropped it off yesterday with eric sabatino in st.johns(sabatino mopeds),it should be operating next time i see it, then i can continue with the pedal issue.

i'm over on the SW side, multnomah village, so across town, but thankyou!

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